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Dogs in Dorms an Antidote to Stress?

Research shows that dogs make us healthier and happier. Should college dorms allow them?Rebecca McGoldrick @BrownUniversity thinks universities should create policies that allow for dogs in dorms.

McGoldrick writes,

... a casual conversation with my peers leads me to believe that many of us lack our greatest companion for years while earning a college degree. And science is showing that this interspecies relationship has more health implications than we might imagine.

She suggests policies could allow students to bring dogs from home, or they could participate in a fostering program with the local shelter or animal rescue organization.

As someone who sneaked a puppy into her dorm spring semester of her sophomore year -- and switched schools rather than give up the dog -- I'm all for it.




Tonight: Two Faces of Oxytocin

If you think oxytocin is only about the warm and fuzzy, recent studies have shown that's not the case. Tonight, I'll be speaking with Dr. Veronica on BlogTalk Radio about "Two Faces of Oxytocin."

Paul Zak and Bryan Post will also be on the program; it should be informative and fun. The show is live at 5 pm Eastern, and you'll also be able to listen to it in the archives.


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You can join us. Here is the call-in number: (714) 364-4731.

San Diego Clinical Trial of Oxytocin for Anxiety

101734066_65130a6b32_mA researcher at UC San Diego is recruiting people with symptoms of anxiety for a six-week, double-blind trial to see whether inhaling oxytocin can help.

David Feifel is actively recruiting study participants now. Because it's double-blind, only some of the group will get oxytocin, the rest will get placebo. The idea is to see whether oxytocin can enhance the effects of other medications, rather than replace them. The does is 20 IU per day.

By way of the San Diego Reader blog:

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