Daddies Get Oxytocin Surges, Too
Oxytocin May Be as Strong in Polyamory as in Monogamy

Oxytocin Won't Make You Stupid

People often claim -- or worry -- that too much oxytocin would make them too trusting. Sometimes, they're talking about oxytocin therapies: would getting treated for social anxiety disorder with oxytocin, for example, make you vulnerable to scammers or mean people?

Sometimes, they posit releasing mass amounts into the air to quell mobs and turn citizens into sheep.

They may even be scared of the effects of too much of the good stuff leaking into their brains, causing them to trust bad boyfriends or manipulative girlfriends. (Of course, if sex is part of that relationship, it certainly can cause some heavy addiction.)

Well, it probably won't. See the latest in New Scientist.