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Introduction to Slow Sex

As I've mentioned, I'm in training to become a Slow Sex Coach and Orgasmic Meditation Instructor, two programs run by OneTaste. The work is intriguing, exciting and -- often -- difficult. I love experiencing it, and I love writing about it.

At the same time, I find myself less enthusiastic about writing so much about oxytocin. When I first began this blog, most people had not heard of oxytocin, or thought it was just to do with labor and prairie voles. Back then, it was exciting to track mentions of the Wonder Hormone in newspapers and to watch the first glimmerings of scientific understanding of how important oxytocin is for physical and emotional health.

Now, scarcely a day goes by without an article or blog post touting oxytocin, and it's a lot of people's favorite drug. I'm really happy about this, because our society still struggles for connection and meaning. At the same time, I don't feel driven to note all of these mentions on my blog.

I want to extend Hug the Monkey to speak more about my own journey to greater intimacy and connection through the orgasmic meditation practice. I've renamed the Sex category to Slow Sex, and you'll be seeing more posts in this category -- and more regular ones.

I recognize that this blog is an archive of information on oxytocin's role in human attachments of all kinds, and I'll continue to further that role by reporting on research that furthers this understanding. I hope you'll continue with me on this journey.