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Why Fathers Should Be There for Birth

The New York Times has a really inspiring guest post from Josh Tyson, describing his feelings during the birth of his two children. What struck me was how the experience of watching his wife in natural childbirth deepened his perception of her as a woman.

He writes,

I am a very proud and humbled husband, looking forward to tapping my wife’s immense fire and might as we continue along the divinely beleaguered path of parenthood.

Michael Odent, the French natural birth advocate, has been warning that men should stay out of the delivery room, because they get anxious and try to fix things. This, he explains, increases the woman's stress level and reduces her production of oxytocin, which is necessary to produce strong enough contractions to push the baby out.

This is based on his extensive experience in the delivery room, and I"m sure what he says is true.

Still, the Tysons' story shows how letting fathers share this experience can profoundly deepen not only their bond to the baby but also to the mothers of their children.