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Chemistry of Connection at-a-glance -- and free

In the business world, it's all about speed and bullet points. In the realm of love, not so much so. But hey, most of us have a foot in both worlds, so I thought I'd apply business writing principles to the science of love.

My book, The Chemistry of Connection: How the oxytocin response can help you find trust, intimacy and love, explains how the oxytocin response is the basis of all positive human emotions. It details how the oxytocin response is shaped by genetics and experience. Most important, it has practical advice that lets you change your brain chemistry and improve your oxytocin response so you can give and get the love you need.

But it's a crazy world, isn't it? If you're too busy to spend the time it would take you to read a book that is full of rich detail, insightful explanations, revealing analogies and narratives of scientific experiments on animals and humans, fine.

This information is so important and valuable that I'm making it available to every multitasking, overworked, overbooked human on the planet. In a bulleted, at-a-glance-style two-page document, I am going to give you the entire contents of my book. Love: Your Cheat Sheet gives you the most important points and an overview of how we connect -- and how we can do it better.

If you were a corporation, I would have charged you thousands of dollars to develop and deliver this Quick-Start Guide to Your Love Chemistry. But you can download it absolutely free, as part of the launch celebration for Love Her Right! The Married Man's Guide to Great Sex.

Joni-esther-photo I met Joni Frater and Esther Lastique, the couple who authored Love Her Right, when I appeared on their radio show last year to talk about my book. (Don't they look super-nice, super-fun and super-smart?)

I really like what they've done. It's a friendly and fun but super-informative book that covers female anatomy, sexual response and pleasuring techniques. I think every 14-year-old should get this book -- while being encouraged not to start practicing until they're 18 and with someone they trust.

No matter how old you are, I bet you can learn something from the book. If you buy it during the big launch, you'll get to download a bunch of free ebooks and podcasts -- including Love: Your Cheat Sheet.

To find out more about Love Her Right and download tons of free information on sex, love and relationships, go right here: www.LoveHerRight.com/Book