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Give to Get: The Power of Giving, a new and inspiring book

Harvey McKinnon & Azim Jamal - Power of Giving When they hear about how oxytocin lets us connect with others while it keeps us healthy and happy, most people ask, "How can I get more?"

We'd all love to be able to pop a pill to instantly boost our oxytocin. Wouldn't it be great if whenever we felt lonely or disconnected, we could quickly get an oxytocin buzz? Unfortunately, as I tell people, there is not instant fix. However, science shows that it's very possible to naturally boost oxytocin levels.

The key is to practice behavior that tend to provoke the oxytocin response. For some people, that's as easy as calling someone on the phone or going into a social situation. For shyer people, like me, sometimes being around strangers can produce anxiety instead of connection.

A wonderful antidote to shyness is helping others. In Paul Zak's experiments, inhaling oxytocin made people more generous. And Stephanie Brown of the University of Michigan found that elderly people who cared for a spouse who was ill significantly reduced their risk of death; she thinks that's because of increased levels of oxytocin.

The Power of Giving: How giving back enriches us all is new book by Azim Jamal and Harvey McKinnon explains the connection between giving and getting, and how giving encompasses much more than donations to charity. You can give kindness, ideas, advice, attention, skills, time, hope, love and touch, they write. 

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