Hospitals Use Too Much Oxytocin During Labor
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Joy Goes to an Oxytocin Party

Joy-portraitsm My pal Joy Nordenstrom, CEO of, hosts romantic dinner parties and coaches clients on how to be more romantic. She also produces IntelligentLove: 411 for Men. In this series, she uses scientific principles to help men get more real love and connection with women.

She went to an oxytocin party, where people took oxytocin lozenges. I had always thought that you could only get liquid oxytocin with a doctor's prescription, but I have since found that this is not true!

Watch the video here: Oxytocin Party Video

A couple of notes: As I said in the comments, it should be noted that these people are holding the lozenges under the tongue, not swallowing them. It's debatable whether sublingual drugs reach the brain, but, since intranasal drugs demonstrably do, I think it's possible.

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