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Take the Passion Poll

Passion coach Eryn-Faye has posted three polls on her blog.

How often do you go on a date with your spouse?

How often do you and your SO talk about sex?

Who initiates sex more often?

All good questions anyone in a relationship should be thinking about. Go to Eryn-Faye's blog and take the passion poll, then see how other people answered.

I think my basic answer is "not often enough."

Tweet the Monkey

  • 15:10 on the 6 o:clock news tonite (SF Bay area channel 2) talking about bees. Neato! #
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Unlimited Business Financing -- Doable in These Untrusting Times?

Busfinancing Unlimited Business Financing is a simple guide to getting business credit. I'm taking part in a big promotion for this book, by Trent and Chad Lee, to test this approach for marketing my own book, which is available on Amazon right now!

I wrote a short e-book especially to help promote Unlimited Business Financing. This e-book, Boost Your Career with Oxytocin -- Naturally, contains material that I thought was really important and interesting. It explains how the oxytocin response also lets us collaborate and cooperate in business -- and how trust contributes to the bottom line.

We're seeing now that small businesses are struggling because they can't get loans. The banks don't trust them. Unlimited Business Financing explains how to build a business credit history. In other words, it tells you how to position your business as trustworthy in the eyes of financial institutions.

A year ago, my publisher disagreed with me about how important the issue of trust in business is, and I had to cut it from The Chemistry of Connection. With the loss of trust in our financial institutions, our employers, and business in general that we've experienced over the last few months, I think it's very timely.

You can get my e-book free, along with 22 other free books and audio programs, after you buy Trent and Chad Lee's book.

To get the freebies when you buy the book, first go to Click through to Amazon, buy the book, and then fill in your receipt code.

Please let me know what you think about the book and this promotional idea.

Why Pets Are Good Oxytocin: podcast

Udupi one-ear

Shameless self-promotion, redux: If you've read my blog much, you know I keep harping on the power of animals to give us a reliable oxytocin boost. One study found that both dogs and owners had elevated levels of oxytocin after they played, and another found that your dog looking at you could raise oxytocin.

I got to explain this recently on the internet radio show, Doggie Chronicles. You can listen to the podcast, recorded on February 14, 2009.