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Motrin got into hot water with mommy bloggers for a commercial that tried to take a lighter look at one of the acknowledged perils of caring for children: They get heavier and heavier to carry.

First, watch the commercial.

The tone made me uncomfortable, because it sounded like the mom doing the voiceover didn't take mommying that seriously. The voiceover talks about "baby-wearing" as a fashion, and then she says, "Supposedly, it's a real bonding experience."

Um, yes, it is. I know in our society the idea that bonding is something that has to be, well, nurtured hasn't taken hold yet. And anyone is allowed to get pregnant and bring a new life into the world without any prep at all. But still.

As cszamu wrote,

... yes, in its cutesyness and its attempt to sound hip, the ad missed the mark. It managed to sound both patronizing and critical of a childrearing philosophy that women feel passionate about (namely, babywearing).

Obviously, the ad passed muster with internal execs at McNeill Consumer Healthcare, maker of Motrin, including its VP of marketing, who is herself the mother of a three-year-old, according to Lisa Belkin of the NY Times. And the ad agency, too.

I'm glad the mommy bloggers are standing up for informed mothers who are passionate about bonding.