"Six Songs," Orgasm and Music
Music/Oxytocin Link: More Evidence

How to Make a Man Fall in Love

Thanks to the miracle of Google News Alerts, this article from a website in Ghana came to my email inbox this morning. I think it was pinched from an American publication; in any case, I think it's excellent advice and draws accurately from neuroscience's current understanding of bonding and mating -- as well as lots of other good tips.

The first set of tips involve trying to get a man's vasopressin system to kick in. Both oxytocin and vasopressin, a related neurochemical that's amped up by testosterone, seem to be necessary for the male bond. Vasopressin also influences aggressive and protective behaviors, such as mate-guarding in monogamous mammals.

I dunno about the science behind "wear soft fabrics," but it couldn't hurt.