Tried Oxytocin? Want to Be on TV?
Partying Hearty on Oxytocin in India

How to Get Oxytocin Right NOW

The Mike & Juliet Show was mostly an attack on Liquid Trust. The manufacturer refuses to say how much oxytocin is in the product, but it won't get into your body - or anyone else's -- if you spray it on your clothes or even skin.

There are plenty of ways to experience a natural oxytocin release without buying anything. In my book (The Chemistry of Connection, April 2009) I explain the oxytocin response, why we don't all have a healthy one, and talk about ways of building it up.

But all of us do have a hypothalamus and all of us do release oxytocin; without it, we'd die. To get the social benefits, try one or more of the following. If you can, set aside at least 15 minutes to do this and nothing else:

  • Cuddle
  • Sing in a choir
  • Hold a baby
  • Stroke a dog or cat
  • Perform a generous act
  • Pray
  • Make love
  • Have an orgasm (alone or with someone else)