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Lithium May Increase Oxytocin while Trying to Kick Pot

Friends Save Marriages

Jenny Wolford of the Daily News in Niles, Michigan, points out that women who make time to chill with friends come back to their marriages recharged with oxytocin.

Will Getting a Girlfriend Save Your Marriage?

Nice, provocative title, Jenny! But she doesn't mean women should have sex wit their friends, just enjoy the relief and pleasure of bonding with them.  She writers,

Guys, let me spell it out for you: Oxytocin makes a woman feel more loving, and the more oxytocin she's got coursing through her system, the more she'll have to share with you.

Any man who has ever observed a group of women out to dinner by themselves or experienced the aftereffect of his wife's girls getaway weekend knows exactly what I'm talking about.

I'd add that men should also make time to hang out with other men, to enjoy their essential guyness. It's likely that men also experience an oxytocin rush during "male bonding," even if they don't get all touchie-feelie about it.