Pitocin vs. Oxytocin
Acupuncture for an Oxytocin Boost?

The Odd Poetry of Oxytocin

I don't mean that transcendent state of melting into someone else -- or the universe.  I'm talking about splogs.

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and news feeds through Bloglines. One of them is an ongoing Google Blog Search for "oxytocin," that comes into the feed reader as a list of headlines.

I notice more and more splogs, that is, automated blogs not written by a live person but automatically generated in the attempt to get people to go there and click on ads. (Supposedly, you can make a lot of money this way.)

The resulting headlines are often bizarre. Today, they made some poetic sense.

We were in a weird state of oxytocin structure
As the largest and most oxytocin trust organ in the body
Time now to call in our own Oxytocin spray Alter
The last days of private Oxytocin release
Tricky diagram
Oxytocin pathway ahead
On path to Middle East peace