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A Birth Story from Singapore

Rani shares the story of the birth of Kei, her second child, in this pretty amazing post, Kei's Birth 2 - The Day.

Rani had a hospital birth in Singapore, and it sounds like her doctor and hospital were very enlightened. They were able to book a suite with a jacuzzi, and her doctor was supportive of her desire to have a drug-free delivery.

Her account is really vivid and full of nice little details, from her decision to stay home until the contractions were stronger because the hospital didn't have wifi to the sensations as Kei moved through the birth canal. Rani was obviously very well-prepared, knew what to expect and did everything she could to ensure the bonding process with her new baby would begin right away.

I wish young girls all over could read stories like hers, so they'd know what birth could be like.