Oxytocin Lite?
In Medical Births, Belief Trumps Science

The Limerence Position

Just for fun today, I'm highlighting a "radio comic strip" from 11 Central Ave. These are short multi-character plays that comment on life -- and frequently on love and lust, two things for which oxytocin is vital. (Re sex, oxytocin enables erection and engorgement of the genitals.)

This particular show is about limerence, that madly intoxicating state that precedes romance and love. (For more on limerance, see my post  Is It Love or Is It Limerence?

Susan Shepherd produces these for Chicago Public Radio, and they're distributed to other stations across the U.S.

Here's how she describes the series:

This four-minute radiostrip plays out in the kitchen of 11 Central Ave, the home of an extended family where a hodgepodge of other characters regularly drops in. As they rush around in the morning drinking coffee, reading the paper, looking for their shoes, they're talking about everything from the most compelling topics of our time (the Supreme Court nominee and his views on abortion) to the most ridiculous (mommy blogging), and everything in between -- covenant marriage, teens hooking up, the next pandemic, the fog of internet dating.

This could become a habit!