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Theraplay to Shape a Child's Brain

Marketing Oxytocin

Amoresm_3_1 A press release issued today says  the Amore Bay line of hot tubs is "just what the love doctor ordered."

Dimension One spas points to research showing that warm contact and frequent hugs up women's oxytocin levels, increasing bonding and trust between people. This is all true, and taking a soothing warm bath together seems a very likely way to promote the oxytocin release.

According to the press release,

Some researchers have also suggested a beneficial link between oxytocin and social anxiety, memory control, cardiovascular functions, and thermoregulation in menopausal women. This must be what they meant by 'sexual healing!'

As the name implies, these hot tubs really are built for amore.

With curvaceous lines, strategically placed water jets, mood lighting, a "playground" area, a hand held massager and cup holders, the only thing left to do is download Barry White or Marvin Gaye on the Amore Bay's wireless, IPOD friendly stereo!

It's interesting that, unlike the 1970s image of hot tubs as places for wild partying, Dimension One is marketing this to couples as a way to improve not only the sexual relationship but also trust and comfort.

Kudos, I say, to this company for a press release that doesn't twist the science, but speaks to our fascination with neuroscience and drive to connect with humor and humanity.