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The Monogamy Quandary


I want to introduce you, an independent network of science-related blogs that I'm part of.

This was a self-organizing group effort and a very worthwhile experience. Our group's primary goal is to get a wider readership by making ourselves more findable and by taking advantage of the synergy of the group. At the same time, for me, it's been affirming to connect with other bloggers who, like me, are tracking scientific research out of deep personal interest.

The individual blogs and the main website have been in my blogroll for a while. In case you haven't checked them out, they are:

Emily DeVoto, a healthcare consultant who covers policy and news in The Antidote

Aleksandr Kavokin, a Russian M.D. with a special interest in unusual medical conditions in Rdoctor

Barry Leiba, an IBM researcher who cherry-picks ideas from many disciplines for Staring at Empty Pages

Ed Minchau, an engineer whose fascination with robots is evident in Robot Guy

Sibin Mohan, a computer science doctoral student who blogs about everything from movies to religion to gadgets in Context Switch

Mike White, who brings his expertise in genomics and molecular biology to his posts about cutting-edge research in Adaptive Complexity

And The Beauty Brains, two anonymous cosmetic chemists who decode the mysteries of beauty products

Our group loves to pore through journals and research papers to find scientific information that may have been overlooked or too niche to be covered by newspapers and magazines. And we enjoy connecting, explaining and occasionally protesting.

You can subscribe to the group RSS feed for a daily smorgasbord of news and info on science and research. Every day, there's something surprising, exciting or weird going on in science. Don't miss it!