Schore: Freud Was (Mostly) Right
Special Needs for Friendship

Get More Oxytocin for Better Sex

Oxytocin is not a hormone of sexual desire. It's the hormone of healing, relaxation, connection and love. But an MD and author says more oxytocin can lead to better sex.

When we're stressed out, making love often seems like the last thing on our minds. But C.W. Randolph, author of "From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well," says he often advises his patients that hanging out more with friends will improve their sex lives.

When a man or woman comes to  him complaining of low libido, he tests levels of their sex hormones and askes them about stress in their lives. He says the relationship between  friendship and hormone balance is particulary important for women.

"Make a friend and be one. My theory is based on over a decade of treating tens of thousands of women who come to me complaining of loss of sexual desire," says Dr. Randolph. "I tell my female patients that, if they make time for more positive emotional experiences with one to two women friends, they will soon discover that they are more readily able to connect with and get turned on by their husband or partner."