Damage Award Highlights Pitocin Danger
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The State of Birth in Afghanistan

Along with Siera Leone, Afghanistan is the most dangerous place in the world to have a baby, according to The Independent. According to writer Kim Sengupta, a shocking one in six of the women between the ages of 15 and 49 who is pregnant will die in childbirth.

Most deaths could be avoided if skilled midwifery care was available. Many of the deaths are due to infections or haemorrhages. There is also the dangerous practice, widespread throughout the country, of administering oxytocin, a hormone that accelerates labour. If given in too high a dose, this can lead to uterine rupture and cause the foetus to die.

Where else is the dangerous practice of aministering oxytocin widespread? In theUnited States, where pitocin the synthetic form of oxytocin, is given routinely.