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Some Really Good Guy Advice

Have you seen thoses ads for those "how to seduce women" books -- the ones where a gorgeous woman looks hypnotized? I always thought they were creepy. I may have been wrong.

I ran across a blog entry by Patrick Huey, who evidently is an affiliate marketer for the "Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program," and I wish every man would read it. His advice is uncommonly humane, and he manages to give this womanly advice in guy-talk they just might listen to.

He dispels the myth that women don't like "nice guys." According to Huey, 

You don't have to be the bad boy to attract a woman, whether she is 20 or any other age, and in fact you can do BETTER than any "bad boy" if you take the effective stuff about "bad boys" (which has nothing to do with being "bad" per se) and THROW AWAY THE USELESS stuff.

For example, their inability to emotionally CONNECT. That would be an example of something that is not only useless, but counterproductive about "bad boys".

He notes that oxytocin causes men and women to want to bond with one another and "treat other FANTASTICALLY. LONG TERM."

He writes:

I'm proud to say that several YEARS ago, I was the only guy on a certain board of "how to be successful with women" that championed the idea that relationship success was partially based on the idea of having two people who took on the PARADIGM of seeking EVER GREATER VALUE in the OTHER person.

And that this would result in triggering the powerful emotions of desire and affection simply by the THOUGHT of each other, not only in the short term, but in the LONG term as well, because in fact the more it was done, the stronger the associations would become linked between the thought of that person and the chemical release.

Gee. "Seducing" a woman by being your best self and being sensitive to her. What a concept.