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Birth Camp by the Sea

This story by Tatyana Sargunas, a midwife in Russia's Conscious Birth movement, describes what it's like to give birth at the "birth camp" on the shore of the Black Sea. Since 1982,  couples have traveled to the birth camp  in order to provide their newborns with an ecstatic primal experience.

Sargunas works with Elena Tonetti Vladimirova, director of the film "Birth as We Know It." A baby's brain continues to develop for several months after birth, and Sargunas and Vladimirova believe that the first moments of life set the emotional tone for the rest of life.

Sargunas writes,

Peoples say that couples are choosing to give birth in the sea to shock society. Nothing could be further from the truth. These couples are motivated by faith and by an unyielding desire to fulfill a dream. They are brought to this choice not by rational thought, but by what they perceive to be the inner will of their child. Perhaps this story will clarify things.

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