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More about Ecstatic Birth

Okay, this piece comes right out and says it: Childbirth can be a sexual experience.

Because birth evokes many of the same physical systems and biochemicals as sex and orgasm does, it's not surprising that, when a woman is relaxed and open, she might feel a pleasure that's very like sexual pleasure.

Among the physiological similarities:

  • The uterus rhythmically contracts during both intercourse and labor, though the intensity of contractions is far greater in labor.
  • The vagina lubricates and opens during both processes.
  • Women are usually intensely emotional, vulnerable, and sensitive during both lovemaking and labor.

And, of course, pulses of oxytocin are released during birth and orgasm. The author, who is either Carl Jones or Jennifer VanderLaan, concludes,

"The fact that labor shares similarities with lovemaking doesn’t imply that every moment of labor is pleasurable – though labor can be extraordinarily fulfilling at times. But appreciating the sexual side of labor will help both parents to better relate to the experience."