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An Oxytocin Moment

I went to the BlogHer conference this weekend, which got me re-energized about Hug the Monkey, and I hope to incorporate some of the inspirations from the conference in the near future.

Chatting with some women during a break, I told them about this blog and why I was so interested in understanding and sharing information  about how the oxytocin response influences our relationships. One of the other women had seemed a bit cold and offputting to me when I first sat down, but we had warmed up to each other by that point.

She shared that she had been adopted at 11 months old and had felt detached for the first years of her life. I told her that I had felt the same way -- until I was 40. I felt that I understood exactly what she meant -- and I don't think I've ever actually talked to anyone about that disconnected feeling before.

Looking at her across the table, I felt almost teary-eyed.

I'm sure this was a nice little gush of oxytocin, released during this moment of intimacy and connection with a stranger.

I've certainly experienced this before; we all enjoy these moments -- some lucky people more than others. This is the first time I've been conscious of it while it was  happening.

I think that becoming more aware of my oxytocin response is an excellent step toward having it more often. So, thanks to that gorgeous stranger, wherever she is.