Oxytocin Keeps the Lid on Spats
My Oxytocin Dose

Oxytocin Dosing Today!

With all props to Alcibiades of Chemgasm, the pioneer and fearless leader in self-experimentation, I'm going to try oxytocin today.

For more than a month, I've had the little vial containing 5 milligrams of oxytocin crystals sitting in the freezer. First, we went on vacation. Then, my partner Mike wasn't so enthusiastic about snorting some random chemical I'd bought online. (He is not a reader of my blog, can you believe it?)

Luckily, the latest study by Beate Ditzen pushed him over the edge of agreement.

Here's my plan:

I want to experience the feeling of connection supposedly created by the release of oxytocin. I do have a deep bond with Mike that is independent of what happens day-to-day. Yet I have been feeling less close to him lately; we're both independent people, and maybe our lives are becoming too divergent. So, I think my connection baseline is low right now.

We've agreed to devote the afternoon to "quality time" with each other. What I envision is, we'll hang out on the couch or in bed, talk a little, and then snort the oxytocin. We'll split the 5 mg between us.

I expect that we'll make love afterwards. I am wondering whether the oxytocin might diminish MIke's sex drive and focus his body on cuddling instead. We'll see!