What is RAD?
Postpartum Depression = Colic -- and RAD?

Healing the oxytocin response

How we're treated as babies can influence how our body produces and responds to oxytocin throughout our adult lives. Not having the right kind of nurturing as a baby can mess up our ability to love, mate and bond -- forever!

But there's a more important -- and more amazing -- pRt of the story  Our brains can relearn this response at any age. We can heal at the most basic physiological level.  And, I think,  if we don't heal at this level, it's hard to really heal at all.

I think that because of changes in my life and things I did, my body and brain began to learn a healthier way to respond to intimacy. Sex and love feel good and right for the first time. I feel like scientists have uncovered a great secret of being human -- and this understanding can help us all.