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Oxytocin Dosing

Why Sex in Advertising Works

This is brilliant. Bill Davenport, executive director of the Valley Care pregnancy Centre in Nova Scotia, has made a connection that I haven't seen elsewhere, not even when I wrote about marketers using neuroscience.

I wondered if there was a reason for advertisers to use sexually stimulating images and words along with their product. I wondered if oxytocin was also released during simple arousal. If so, then the combination of sexual arousal, oxytocin and a product for sale could elevate trust in the consumer toward that product.

It's so simple, but so profound. Dabenport doesn't quote any scientific studies supporting that oxytocin is released during arousal, but it sure makes sense, because oxytocin is released in a variety of non-touch situations, and I think he's right.

Link: Oxytocin, bonding, trust and manipulation