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Oxytocin made me ... mean!

Wicked Ink from the Poison Pen

Rachel of Wicked Ink writes about "The Echo Boom of the Sexual Revolution." She says young women are bombarded with images of successful, interesting, single women. Her friends are more likely to hold off on sex with men they're interested in, hooking up with Mr. Wrongs for one-nighters.

After one disasterous experience of falling in love overnight, then discovering he wasn't attached, she had four-date relationships.

"I don't think I was lacking oxytocin, I think it might have scared me that I might get hurt again."

Until she had a child. She fell in love with him with a different kind of passion, and she thinks being a parent helped her prepare for being a better partner in a relationship.

"Sex is way too easy. And all too often, once sex happens, and is 'fulfilling', people try to force a relationship between themselves just so they can continue on fulfilling each other and themselves."

I think this is a key insight. But I think it's the release of oxytocin in sex or making out that makes us -- especially women -- try to force a relationship, because we .. just ... feel ... so bonded.