Oxytocin: Gov't secret weapon?
Why can't a man ... be more like a man?

Oxytocin Mania

On his E. Burton Sassafrass blog, LJ says people on one mailing list he's on are all over oxytocin. 

LJ doesn't like to think about "bonobic justifications" for his behavior, but he's not necessarily adverse to a little neurochemical bump.

I ... thought that it sounded like a great thing people could self-administer to help combat some aspects of social anxiety. I also thought that I like being a trusting person, and occasionally shoring that up might be a real plus to me.

In the comments, ailhbe brings up a really interesting thought: During labor, women may be unduly open to influence. She says,

No wonder so many women feel they were forced to agree to things in labour. Wow. Now I know why I agreed to totally different pain relief than I thought appropriate, and why I believed all the medical staff who told me what I was feeling my body do wasn't happening.

Meanwhile, I want to get on that maniac mailing list.