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Oxytocin Mania

Oxytocin: Gov't secret weapon?

According th the Daily Utah Chronicle, Jonathan Moreno, bioethics adviser for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, told a lecture audience that oxytocin could be used by DARPA for "brain manipulation," a form of brainwashing that would be less harsh -- and more effective.

Link: Author shares insight on link between neuroscience, government

One of the leaders in neuroscience development is the corporation DARPA, which is currently in the process of developing a "head web," a helmet that conducts non-invasive brain monitoring that could be used to measure brain waves while soldiers are in combat.

Moreno said the government is also working on developing a "war fighter"-a human manipulated by drugs to be a more efficient soldier.


Another one of these drugs is Oxytocin, which potentially could be used in interrogation situations and would make people less inhibited and trust whoever is interrogating them.

This is definitely a scary thought, and contributes to a growing meme about using oxytocin as a drug to manipulate others. It should be noted, though, that skilled interrogators -- and salespeople and con artists -- already maninpulate our neurochemistries, getting that oxytocin flowing and building trust with social engineering.

Candy and flowers, anyone?

Moreno's book, "Mind Wars: National Security and the Brain," is scheduled for publication this fall.