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Oxytocin and Social Anxiety

The use of oxytocin for treating disorders including autism and social anxiety is becoming hot news. This Boston Globe article puts together some of the recent studies, then discusses growing medical interest in oxytocin-based drugs.

"It could be like social Viagra," said Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, an investigator at the National Institute of Mental Health.

Meanwhile, our friend at Alcibiades' Dream has been carrying around an asthma inhaler filled with oxytocin for several months. He says,

Throughout the day I will often give myself a few spritzes (often 6 or more — maybe a ml worth?? not sure), such as before I call up a girl I am pursuing, or before I walk into a doctor’s office, etc. ... I am definitely more outgoing, more chatty, more willing to look into peoples’ eyes, more other-oriented (not focused internally on my inadequacies and what not).