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Can Trust Be Bottled?

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It had to happen. Vero Labs put out a press release today hyping Liquid Trust, a personal body spray.  (The company has been advertising the product for a while now on Google search results.)

Vero Labs, based in New York, unveils their flagship product, Liquid Trust, for anyone looking to gain more trust from others. And this, says Vero Labs, is something everyone wants. Liquid Trust is a sleek, colorless, odorless oxytocin body spray with a light alcohol-base, small enough to carry around in a purse or pocket.

The company's website suggests Liquid Trust can be used by salespeople, singles and managers or employees. Would be a great thing to spritz on before a job interview.

$49.95 gets you a twelve-month supply. They say it's human oxytocin (which can't  be true) in a time-release form that lasts two to four hours.

What about using Liquid Trust to take advantage of people? Vero says:

We are strongly opposed to the use of Liquid Trust for immoral or illegal manipulations of people. We truly hope that you will only use our products when you have the other person's best interest in mind.

But anyway, think about this: By spraying Liquid Trust on your body, you'll be getting the lion's share of the dose. I think the user will be the one feeling more trusting and more connected.