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A Dad's View of Adoption

Adoption - A Dad's View is a very honest description of what it's like to parent two kids with reactive attachment disorder.

His blog details how it felt to go through the adoption process, how they handle discipline, when things go wrong. About his daughter, who's in the fourth grade, "Synthezoid"  writes,

Even when she is showing affection, she can be aggressive. Her hugs feel more like a tackle sometimes. We’ve tried to show her the difference in “good hugs” and “bad hugs.”

Synthezoid sounds like he may not be getting the information and support he needs. In his most recent post, he writes,

I felt like my life could be better, then I felt guilty about having those feelings. Then I wondered what the hell I was even doing at this frivolous gathering when I had responsibilities at home. Then I wished all those responsibilities would just vanish and I could just go find a quiet place to sleep.

I hate these children of mine now. I need a vacation.

I can't really imagine how hard it is. It sounds like he might be doing that "manly" thing of trying to stuff down his feelings. And it's interesting that he calls himself Synthezoid. His feelings definitely come through as real.