A Lost Generation in Roumania?

How Long to Heal a Broken Heart?

Here's a fun  calculator to figure out how long it will take your broken heart to mend.  Calculations differ depending on whether the relationship was short-term, mid-length or long-term -- the latter defined as longer than a year. 

Example:  John was happily married to Mary (he ranked his happiness a 2 out of 3.  He found Mary very attractive, a 3 out of 3.  Mary leaves.  John's heart will take 1 ½ years to recover.

The punchline of the site is an option to buy a (very nice) t-shirt in broken-hearted grey with "regret" or "faith" across the chest.

As I explore the neurochemical basis of the feelings of love and loss, I've been focusing on how we can influence or change those brain chemicals. Certainly some of the things that healmybrokenheart.com suggests could do that: listening to music, walking and reading or writing.